Once when I was young, I lived in Paradise. I did not know it then, perhaps I was too young to know. I swam in its waters and chased the ducks and the flamingos that lived there. Paradise had a name, Saint Joseph of the Lake. It was a place in the hills of Cuba where a spring of medicinal waters flowed into swimming pools and lakes and finally emptying its contents into its river.
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The hotel, originally the house of the Berrayarza family, was built in the forties along with the lakes and the swimming pools. On the right of the hotel there was a building to house the employees, the building to the right of this one was the restaurant. The hotel had a dinning room in the back and food was brought there from the kitchen of the restaurant. Later, this dinning room was also used to celebrate masses on Sundays. By then the family was living in other houses of the resort. Guests would sit on the porch, and enjoy the view. They would also ride boats and immerse in the tranquility of the small lake. Español
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The Ali Calienes Berrayarza Story